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Primark has been a sensation for all fashion freaks out there in UK, and has served the people in almost all respects, albeit one- it is yet to step into the world of e-commerce, the online marketing. It is not that people find it too bothersome to visit the stores to get their all fashion and clothing needs and wants fulfilled, but the primark online shop would serve the cause in a far effectual manner.

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The whopping offers will then not be restricted to the individuals of some country, but would potentially encompass the entire globe. The increase in total turnover would transform into more consumer-reliving policies including more reasonable prices. It will also ensure that some of the stores in remote places with poor rate of turnover could be shut down and the variety and amount in the major stores and stock for online trading could be maintained in a relatively greater manner. No bona fide reports, clarifications have yet come out from the authorities of the Primark which would confirm its consumers about the whole saga.

There has been a great talk regarding Primark finally going online, but shatters have to be yet broken. Primark, as hinted by the name, has always been up to the mark when it comes to supreme quality, consumers now crave for those high standard clothes to feature on the website homepage. Primark has always find way into peoples’ hearts (and pockets) by offering reasonable prices, and consumers now would love to get these low rates all across the globe, through the online shopping.

Primark has always leaded the novelty, innovation bringing out exciting, phenomenal brands and designs in fashion accessories, clothing – its cutting-edge approach would be completed by starting Primark online shopping. It has always believed in diversification, and its product line which features clothing for all the people of all the age groups, genders, fashion accessories e.g. shades, designer handbags, it is high time that it also diversifies its way of marketing, by going one step ahead.

People wish to save up their time and shopping from their home would serve this purpose in an astounding manner. People also desire more leisure time, and by allotting the time to other fun activities they would have to otherwise spend shopping, they will love Primark to a greater extent! And finally, with that economic crunch all around the world, and increasing oil prices and consequently the general inflation, these little savings in transportation costs to the store could be nothing less than a blessing.
Primark online shopping is not really a distant probability, and with the current buildup of customers’ demands one could expect a positive turn it the retailers approach. People who are in for this persuasion are encouraged to write them via their website, directly to the mailing address, or fill up the complaints and suggestions form to drop into box, asserting that online trading is a step ahead, the ultimate way to go.

Keep it simple and just state that it is your utter desire, since the highly qualified managers, researchers of Primark would already have a fair amount of idea regarding the merits and potential for the online shopping (e.g. increased market scope worldwide, possible shut down of some stores and reduction in employees etc.)

Same sort of discussions were sparked up when until 1972 the retailer was only operating in Ireland, and as per peoples’ demands and general marketing interest it finally moved in UK and today has more than 70 stores. Today Primark is in a rather tricky situation. There are reports that some sly manufacturers are adapting the name of the reputed fashion retailer to create websites which are intended to con the potential customers of Primark. This could be one reason why Primark has decided not to hit the internet scene as of yet. It might have its advantages, but nothing comes with only good, and there will a hell lot of concerns as well.

For the time being, they could just make it crystal clear to the consumers that they do not operate on e-commerce, at all! But once they embrace this form of marketing it would be difficult to clarify their position, and chances of their consumers being exploited by envious third parties would mount up. In addition, if Primark really goes for the big pull, they would need to make sure that the payment procedures are kept to simplest, with assuring their consumers complete protection.

With people getting a proper knack of online payments, this might not be such a big challenge. Also considering the fact that Primark has as many as 242 stores all around the UK, and as many as 36000 thousand employees, it is probably paying out a huge part of its budget to meet the entire expenditure plan. Internet shopping might have some additional expenses, but would surely bring down the overall outflow pattern to a sizeable extent. Also bearing in mind that it has earned quite an inclination for ethnic dresses the world market would benefit in a much greater manner.

Seeing that its product line is one large one, with more than ten primary types of products, ranging from ladies wear, menswear to undergarments, sunglasses and much more, this gives it a perfect scenario to hit the ecommerce scene. And seeing the current website of the retailer, with appealing theme, user-friendly menus and overall site map, we could be assured with one aspect to the least, the web design will not let down us!

Other factors need to be pondered about though, and in the initial phases only certain variety of products could be made available to the online market. In the first months, the shipping could be restricted to only particular countries, or they might even keep the delivery to UK cities only. This is called phased implementation and this could help Primark online shopping sail through in apt way.

Until Primark favor people by going online, we might find some good substitute retailers which have earned pretty much reputation for this. To begin with, Gilly Hicks has been one name on the minds of many since past few years. It offers some really thrilling offers all throughout the year, but the winter collection is one distinctive feature. You may select the best of the dresses from the vast, diverse range of categories, with instant, effective search option.

Beware though; the alluring interface of the website, with well-defined categories might lead you into impulse buying, big time! There are special promotion schemes hitting the picture in holidays which could relive you from a certain part of the shipment fee.

Other alternative to Primark online shopping is Von Maur. It is renowned for its casual tops for teenage girls, but other kinds of garments are as popular nonetheless. With New Year and Christmas holidays being ended, Von Maur is offering some fascinating waivers from the basic price tag. It has also fetched customers’ trust by not tricking them by showing images and illustrations on website that are far from the actual product, only loosely resembling them or showing a different color theme. Third on our list is ASOS the ‘UK’s biggest independent online retailer’.

It has been another sensation, and has indeed taken the world by storm. It also has a rich variety of clothing, ranging from formal toppers to nighties, lingerie and skinny jeans. Although there are not quite vigilant in bringing out their own brands, they ensure that only the finest quality and type of dresses feature on their product line. The prices are exceedingly circumspect as well, and there are no unfair superfluous additions in the name of ‘shipment’ charges.

If you wish to have a convenient way of payment, with trusted return of clothing you exactly ordered, ASOS could be your ultimate choice hands down. Urban Outfitters is one another popular choice by the modern-day generation for all their clothing needs that could power them up in the pacey chase for the ever-changing fashion trends, and all this on web. People could browse through the best outfits for all their upcoming occasions, right from their armchair.

There are number of search filters which will ensure that consumers are able to save up from their precious time, something not really attainable in the speedy world. In addition, the payment is also made trouble free by offering the prospect of using various kinds of credit cards, unlike other clothes retailers where it all rests with services like PayPal and Moneybookers.

Bringing the curtains down, getting back to Primark online shopping, it is also essential because the rivals to Primark have always looked for ways to overcome its dominance, and this lack of consideration from Primark side has provided them a great prospect to do it, and so far it seems that they are fetching the opportunity in no time. However, it is never too late- Primark should go online, if not for their own sake, their own survival in the market, then for the sheer sake of the customers.




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